Saint Monica Children’s Home

Saint Monica Children’s Home is SAP’s newest and biggest project to date. Saint Monica Children’s Home is a home for orphaned girls ages 8-18. There are 33 girls currently residing at the home. The previous home was near Kahawa West, and as of May 1, 2010, it is currently in a new location and under the new management of Sisters Arise.

We are currently renting the home in the above photo, and our goal is to own the house and the plots surrounding it. Our goal is to renovate slowly and make the home self-sustainable with well water and solar panels. We would also like to create a garden, so the children learn this important skill, and to help keep our food costs low.

We are blessed and thankful to have all of our girls educational needs taken care of. Mothers Fighting For Others, a US based non-profit, sponsors each one of our girls. They cover all their educational needs, from books and pencils, uniforms and school shoes,  to personal items such as sanitary pads and deodorant for the older girls attending Boarding High School.

Stepwise, another US partner, will be taking care of the counseling costs as well. The girls will have the opportunity to receive counseling  on the weekends to discuss their past and how they can move forward to better their future.

Here are recent photos of some of the girls in May of 2010.

If you would like to donate your time and services, or to find out what other needs our new home could use, please contact us at:

Kenya Office:

Perpetua Gatome:
+254 722 822 564

USA Office:

Racquel Turner
818 917 8417

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